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LPG Bottling Plant Equipments, Nashik, India & LPG Products

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PAM Systems Pvt. Ltd. was established in 1984 in India under the Companies Act 1956. The company is an Indo-French joint venture with Société Provençale d’Automation et de Mécanique, France (PAM-France), one of the world leaders in the field of LPG Bottling Plants at that time.



PAM Systems Private Limited (PSPL​)​commenced initial operations acting as the market​ing arm of its principal, PAM France. By 1990, PSPL started manufacturing equipment​s for the then emerging Indian market. Based on its experience in India, PSPL upgraded the designs to suit the exacting requirements of the customer in terms of safety and reliability. Since 1995, PSPL has developed a new range of machines involving electronic automation. PSPL machines have met with customer delight in India and overseas.



Today PSPL offers a wide variety of solutions to its customers with appropriate technology depending on customer requirements, operating practices and ambient conditions. The range of equipment includes inexpensive but reliable manual operating machines, as also fully automated high productivity equipment. Safety and reliability are prime considerations in machine design. Innovative interlocks are provided to ensure higher safety.



Customisation of PSPL equipment is well appreciated by its customers. Innovation in customisation meets client requirements of cylinder type, valve type, productivity and budgetary constraints. Customisation is also undertaken to suit country specific or customer specific safety requirements. Customisation by PSPL is not merely modification to existing design but machine design from first principles to suit the purpose.



PSPL maintains high quality standards and provides robust, reliable equipment. PSPL, nevertheless, maintains stocks of spares to provide quick and satisfactory after sales service. Even as most problems are solved by telephonic or electronic communication, PSPL service engineers are available in the shortest possible time.



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